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    Future Positive
    The first carbon-negative knitwear on earth.
    Designed to last a lifetime.
    The Medium Knit.
    Pacific Blue. Unisex.
    Our carbon-
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    Edition 01: Reconnection
    Designed by Alexander Lewis.
    Antelope Canyon. Unisex.
    100% of
    Dedicated To
    Join the fashion

    We believe in a better
    way of doing fashion.

    Changing set ways will be a
    challenge, but one we embrace.

    And our eyes are on what comes
    after and how to get there.

    Never doubt that a small group
    of us can change the world.
    A note from
    our founders.
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    The Knitwear Journey.*
    We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
    *Worried about the amount of counties? Don’t Panic. Transport and travel is less than 1% of our overall carbon footprint.